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£250,000 Awarded to Former NHS Worker Following Fall

13 September 2010

Our client worked as a manager in the NHS. One night after work she slipped on ice outside on the footpath leading from what the defendants alleged was a fire exit. She was found later in the night wondering around the car park having sustained personal injury to her head – this was later diagnosed as a subarachnoid haemorrhage. Following a 2 day trial it was established that the path had not been treated at any stage prior to the accident, and our client had slipped on ice rather than snow. Due to evidence that the path was used by staff, the judge concluded the defendants had been in breach of their statutory obligations and should have ensured that it was properly gritted. It was however accepted that our client was guilty of one third contributory negligence through poor care and attention. The injuries which our client suffered left her with poor concentration and speech impairment. She was retired due to ill health. With help from our expert solicitors, our client was awarded nearly £250,000 after deductions for contributory negligence.  This award included past and future loss of earnings, pension loss, and an allowance for past and future care.