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Woman Injured at Work Receives Compensation

19 August 2010

On the day of the accident our client started her shift at 4:00am. She was carrying out her general duties which involved bringing doughnuts in from the warehouse to proof in the bakery. To do this our client was required to pull the bread rack, loaded with trays of doughnuts, into the bakery. As our client pulled the rack over the edge of the tiles in the bakery entrance, one of the wheels became caught and the rack overbalanced, falling onto our client and caused personal injury. The tiles in the area are broken and worn due to wear and tear, and therefore the floor surface was uneven and unsafe. As a result of the poor health and safety conditions, our client sustained soft tissue injuries to her right shoulder, hand and index finger. Liability was accepted, and with help from our expert health and safety solicitors our client received compensation for the injuries she received.