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Man Awarded £1,500 for Cycling Accident

20 August 2010

On the day of the cycling road traffic accident our client was cycling on a minor road. He had come to a stop, and was waiting to turn right. The Defendant was waiting in the opposite minor road, waiting to turn in the opposite direction to our client.

Our client signalled with his right arm and proceeded to turn right as it was safe to do so. As he passed the Defendant driver, he pulled out and clipped the rear of our clients bicycle, causing him to fall and sustain personal injury.

The Defendant was adamant throughout that no contact had been made and that our client simply fell off his bike. Proceedings were issued and served. Prior to trial,  the Defendants made an offer of 50/50 settlement.  With help from our expert cycling claims solicitors, our client was awarded over £1,500.