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Dental Negligence Claim Settled for £15,000

19 August 2010

Our client suffered various injuries in a road traffic accident 16 years ago. Since the accident he has developed a chronic developmental pain condition. He sought treatment from his GP who prescribed exercise and anti inflammatory tablets. His problems continued and he sought treatment from a chiropractor who referred him to see his dentist. The dentist assured our client that, via extensive dental treatment, pain symptoms could be improved by 70%. Our client undertook a programme at a cost to our client of just over £16,000. By the end of 2006, our client could no longer afford the treatment programme and had no idea as to when it would finish. He ceased his treatment and sought NHS treatment. Our client was advised by an NHS consultant that the treatment programme which he was undertaking was not recognised as a peer reviewed treatment amongst UK dentists for management of head and neck pain and other associated symptoms. Upon hearing this news our client was alarmed and sought legal advice from Russell Jones & Walker. Our client’s case was that he had received negligent dental treatment over a period of 4 years. Our client alleged that he was misled as to the prospect of successful treatment. The dentist was notified of a proposed claim but his insurers denied all liability to our client. Proceedings were commenced and a Defence was submitted which again denied that there had been anything wrong with our client’s treatment. After negotiations between the defendants and our expert dental error solicitors our client’s case settled for £30,000 shortly before exchange of expert reports.