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Compensation of £450,000 Awarded to our Client who Suffered Severe Head Injuries

19 August 2010

Hamama Yaffai was 6 years old when she was struck by a car as she was crossing a road near her home. She was with her older brother (aged 8) and her father. Neither her father nor brother were injured but both suffered with shock, as did her mother who heard the collision from their house which was 50 metres away. Hamama suffered severe head injuries which mostly affected her memory.
The claim was transferred to Simon Allen in the Sheffield office from solicitors who had had the case for 2 years. They were only pursuing a claim for Hamama. Simon issued claims in the court for all 4 members of the family. The nervous shock claims settled within 12 months for sums up to £6000. Hamama's case couldn’t settle until it was possible to assess how the injuries would affect her education and subsequent employment. Reports were obtained from 11 medical experts including educational psychologists. Following a final assessment of Hamama’s future and some forceful negotiation on RJW’s part the defendants agreed to pay £450,000 in compensation. Hamama and her family were delighted. We are advising on how best to invest this money to safeguard Hamama’s future.   Although Hamama has since grown into an adult, she will always have some residual effects of the accident but is largely independent. The money will provide a degree of security.