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RJW’s medical negligence solicitors settle lung cancer claim

18 February 2010

Our client was a widow whose wife died due to the medical negligence she received from her doctors who failed to detect her lung cancer. Fiona Clark was referred to West Cumberland Hospital for a chest X-ray after suffering from a persistent cough. Although the X-ray showed an abnormality, she was advised that it was ‘nothing substantial.’ Two years down the line her coughing continued and she began coughing blood. After visiting her GP again she was referred to a cardiothoracic surgeon and had a further X-ray. Her new consultant who carried out the X-ray had immediately identified a clear sign of a cancerous tumour. He then revealed that the X-ray that he had examined was in fact the one that had been taken two years ago. Mrs Clark was soon admitted to the hospital to have two thirds of her lung removed.  Although she was reasonably well for a couple of weeks after the surgery, she developed pains in her chest and began to deteriorate. She began radiotherapy but became increasingly frail. Sadly she passed away. This was a clear case of negligence. Although doctors noticed an abnormality on her scan, they failed to investigate it and did not diagnose lung cancer. Had they made the diagnosis earlier, our experts say Mrs Clark would have had a 70 per cent chance of survival. Tragically, after waiting two years for a correct diagnosis, her chances of survival were dramatically reduced. The Trust had admitted a breach of duty and our expert medical negligence solicitors were able to negotiate a settlement for Mr Clark. For more information on this case view our press release