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Client receives compensation after eight years of GP blunders

14 January 2010

RJW solicitors acted for a man who was left blind and disabled due to the negligence he received from five different doctors over an eight year period. Our client wan born with Sickle Cell Disorder resulting in the removal of his spleen and an increased vulnerability to infection, a condition that the Department of Health recommends is managed by a vaccination to prevent pneumococcal infections.

However, he had never received the necessary vaccination from his GPs and contracted a severe pneumococcal infection. This led to a heart attack and septicaemia, leaving him blind, with kidney damage that requires dialysis. Also, during his hospital treatment he developed heel ulcers which became infected with MRSA. Our client had received a gross failure in patient care from different doctors who did not provide the necessary treatment for his condition, as all of them failed with provision of the appropriate vaccine.

The infection that our client had sustained had resulted in many other health problems where he was no longer able to work, and his wife also had to give her job up in order to care for him full-time at home. Our medical negligence solicitors helped our client with his battle. The settlement he received ensured that he gets the best possible healthcare for his disabilities and health problems that may arise in the future.