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RJW’s client awarded £150, 000 in compensation due to medical negligence

25 November 2009

Our client was in his car when suddenly he was hit by another vehicle that was driven by a drunk driver. Two years after the accident occurred, our client underwent an operation on his shoulder. Following the shoulder surgery our client started suffering severe pain and was given a device called patient controlled analgesia (PCA). This device regulates the amount of morphine that a patient can administer to himself and the machine was programmed to give 2 milligram doses. Sadly there was a malfunction and an overdose of morphine was administered. As a consequence of this level of medication our client suffered fits and was found unresponsive and in poor colour. He was resuscitated and transferred to the High Dependency Unit. Further to this, he became hypoxic, developed significant psychiatric problems, and started suffering from amnesia and fits. A medical negligence claim was put forward in respect of the injuries he had sustained from this accident. Following difficult negotiations, our medical negligence claims solicitors settled the case and where our client was awarded  £150,000 in compensation.