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Client receives £100,000 in compensation after medical centre neglect his needs

25 November 2009

The claimant was a patient of a private medical centre and was under its care. He was quadriplegic. The allegations of negligence were that the medical centre failed to turn the claimant within his bed and move him from his chair at sufficient regular intervals to protect vulnerable areas. They had also failed to ensure that the Claimant was protected against injury or damage which might be caused by undue pressure. A feeding tube cap and urine catheter was thought to have left beneath the Claimant, causing him to lie upon it for a substantial and excessive period of time. During his admission to the medical centre the Claimant developed a Grade 4 Pressure Ulcer in the sacral area.  The pressure sore took several months to heal and the Claimant's permanent care needs increased by two hours per day. Our expert clinical negligence claims solicitors settled this case, enabling our claimant to obtain £100,000 in compensation for the injuries he sustained. This award allowed our claimant to receive all the care that he required due to the clinical negligence he suffered from.