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Claimant receives compensation after his cosmetic surgery goes wrong

17 November 2009

Our client was a 55 year old former RAF pilot who had developed baggy upper and lower eyelids as a result of flying at altitude. From a cosmetic point of view the reason to operate on the eye area would have unacceptable however the baggy eyelids also restricted his vision. He consulted a Cosmetic Surgeon who claimed that he was an expert in the surgery to the eyelids, and within a few months a procedure to make the eyelids less baggy was performed, (also known as blepharoplasty). After the surgery had been completed, our client had received poor post-surgical care, and the surgeon failed to prescribe lubricants for the eyes as well as antibiotics. It became clear that the cosmetic outcome was very deprived: the procedure was only partly successful as the eyes looked uneven and in addition to this his vision was further restricted as some vision to the side was lost. Our client needed to undergo 2 remedial procedures and was advised to undergo a third in order to correct the surgery. Our expert clinical negligence solicitors settled the claim by negotiation, whereby our client recovered damages of £22, 000, which represented the severity of his injury.