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Woman Dies After Mistaken Swine Flu Diagnosis

01 September 2009

In a recent clinical negligence claim, a man whose mother suffered from meningitis died as she was misdiagnosed with swine flu.  The mother of three developed a sore throat and vomiting in the beginning of August. She was diagnosed with swine flu over the telephone and told to take Tamiflu. Twelve hours later she suffered from a heart attack and was taken to hospital; unfortunately she died four days later. It was later discovered that she had developed meningococcal septicaemia and blood poisoning, caused by meningitis. Our clinical negligence claims solicitors settled this case successfully, recovering substantial damages. Here at Russell Jones & Walker we have a specialist team pursuing claims for people who have suffered serious harm as a result of avoidable medical accidents including misdiagnoses by GPs and doctors. We have a specialist clinical negligence department with accredited experts who handle claims for damages arising from clinical negligence. With our network of offices across the country we can assist with claims nationwide.