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£240,000 claimed for medical negligence case

15 September 2009

In a recent clinical negligence claim, our claimant was the widow of a man who died after a two week holiday abroad. When he returned to the UK he was unwell. Given his symptoms, a family member indicated that this could be a sign of malaria as she had previously suffered from it. He consulted a doctor immediately and gave his full history; the doctor unfortunately took the view that it was not malaria as the patient had been "back in the UK for too long" and stated it was likely an illness due to a Chinese takeaway (however others who consumed this meal were not affected). Our client was diagnosed with viral gastro-enteritis and discharged home with cyclizine, metronidazole and dioralyte.

He slowly deteriorated over the following days but was told to let the medication take its time. Soon after he was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with malaria where he was given treatment but sadly passed away. The claim for clinical negligence was settled immediately after proceedings where our solicitor’s successfully claimed over £240, 000 for our client.