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Equal pay

05 September 2009

Our client, recognised by every government and non-governmental organisation in the United Nations as the world expert in her field, had been employed by this leading classification society since 1990.  However, despite her established pre-eminence in her field, our client was kept on a lower grades and received lower salary than male colleagues performing work of equal value. 

Our client raised her concerns internally, but the issue of pay disparity remained unresolved.  One of our client’s male colleagues almost 50% higher pay than she did.  When she raised this with her line manager, our client was told that she did ‘not need a higher salary because she had a husband’.

At a later date, our client was told by her manager that he was surprised to learn that one of her male colleagues was on a higher grade than she was.  Despite this, she received no parity in pay or status.  Our client continued to push for the issue to be addressed, and eventually, in 2001, a job evaluation exercise was planned.  However, our client became disheartened when a number of irregularities in the process became evident.

We took up our client’s claim and issued proceedings on her behalf.  Through skilful negotiation and meticulous preparation of financial documents, we were able to achieve settlement for our client, for the full amount of her pay disparity, without going to court.