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Cheltenham man receives £14,500 after botched dental job

27 September 2009

A retired RAF Group Captain went to his local dental practice because of a loose bridge. He was advised to have the bridge removed and the dentist, an alleged specialist in dental implants, put two implants in place in March 2003.

However, at the time of the procedure, our client was suffering from gum disease and as a result, suffered continuous inflammation and an infection. Over the next five years, he then underwent numerous painful procedures to treat his gums and remove bone material.

The dentist had denied liability, however medical evidence made it clear that the implants should not have been fitted until the condition of our Client’s mouth had stabilised. The damage from the dental treatment meant that our client lost significant bone in the upper jaw which had to be replaced with plastic plate; creating a possibility for long term disfigurement. Our expert clinical negligence claims solicitors settled this case out of court, and our client received compensation. The compensation figure was a reflection of the unnecessary suffering he was subjected to for several years. After having repeated treatments due to his dental negligence, our client required alternative dental advice.