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Man targeted for redundancy after younger individual temporarily carried out his work

16 April 2009

In an example of how older senior executives perceived as ‘expensive’ may be targeted for redundancy, we acted for a senior manager in a major UK construction firm. Dismissed by reason of redundancy, after a period of having to hand over his work to a much younger individual who ultimately replaced him, this claim is typical of how older experienced managers are being squeezed in the current economic climate. We achieved full settlement for age discrimination, and a substantial sum valued at his loss of earnings to retirement, without taking the claim to trial.

In another unfair and discriminatory redundancy dismissal claim of substantial value, our client, also a senior investment banker, argues that age was the reason for his selection.

We negotiated settlement on behalf of a senior executive at a national media organisation, asked if, "at [her] age, would [she] really want to start a new career?" during a redundancy consultation and redeployment process. We succeeded in obtaining compensation of a substantial sum.