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RJW's claimant receives £35, 000 due to medical negligence

03 March 2009

In a recent medical negligence case Mrs Hunt was an 85 year old woman who suffered from Parkinson's disease and severe osteoporosis, leaving her significantly disabled. Previously she had suffered a serious shoulder injury when she fell out of bed. She lived with her son and his family and was able to make her way around his home using a walking frame. In July 2006 she went into respite care at Ashbrooke Court, a Residential Care Home. It was agreed that the Care Home would fix rails to her bed but in fact they failed to do so. On the night of 12th August 2006 Mrs Hunt fell out of bed. The staff reported that she had slipped gently to the ground and was uninjured however they had failed to note that she could not any longer bear weight. When her son came to visit her he noted her injury and asked for her to receive medical attention. A GP was called but failed to diagnose any injury. Following this her son took her home and visited Accident and Emergency where she was diagnosed with a fractured hip. From here she underwent surgery.

After rehabilitation in hospital she was still unable to walk and therefore could not return home. Unfortunately Mrs Hunt had to move into a Residential Care Home. The Defendants accepted breach of duty in failing to fit bed rails but denied that our client had fallen out of bed and suffered injury. Our medical negligence claims solicitors settled the case, allowing Mrs hunt to receive £35, 000 in compensation.