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Client receives £1500 in compensation after bringing about an employer's liability case

10 September 2008

On the day of the accident, our client was told by the manager to work on the back door. The back door involves unloading lorries which are making deliveries to the store. Our client told the manager he was not trained to do that type of work, but due to the store being short staffed he did not have a choice.Before unloading a lorry, our client was told by the driver that he had to brake sharply and felt that the load had jerked. When our client opened the door, it was evident that the load had m  had criss-crossed. Our client recognised the problem and told the driver not to touch the strap. He went to fetch a pump truck which would assist in the movement of the cages; this was positioned under the cage. Our client bent down to make sure the pump truck was safely positioned fully under the cage when suddenly he was hit in the face and sustained a bang on the head from one of the straps.He sustained a deep laceration to the middle of the head. Due to the accident he had experienced blurred vision, bad headaches and pain. His injury has left him with a permanent scar, which measures in the region of 3 cm. With the help of our expert solicitors, our client received £1500 compensation.