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£230,000 Mesothelioma Compensation Awarded

06 September 2005

Our client was employed during the early 1960s by the Ministry of Defence MoD) as a Fitter, and later as a Draftsman at Portsmouth Dockyard. 

He was exposed to asbestos whilst working on ships that were in the dockyard for a refit. He spent a lot of time in boiler and engine rooms hacking away at asbestos to remove it, unaware that the dust he was creating would harm him.

He also worked alongside Laggers who shook bags of asbestos into vats of water causing so much dust in the air that it was like falling snow.

From the mid 60s, our client worked for the Central Electricity Generating Board (now E.ON UK Limited) as an Engineer at a number of power stations where he worked alongside Laggers, who were removing and replacing asbestos insulation. Much of the lagging was in poor condition and crumbling. Our client had to climb over pipe work lagged with asbestos inevitably disturbing it.

Our client did not know that he had been harmed by asbestos until he developed pain in his chest in 2001. He was diagnosed with Pleural Plaques and turned to Slater and Gordon Lawyers (formerly Russell Jones and Walker) to bring an asbestos claim against his former employers.

Slater and Gordon's Asbestos Lawyers obtained a sum of money for our client but most importantly, secured the right for him to return to the Courts should his medical condition deteriorate.

Unfortunately, in 2004, our client learned that he had developed fatal Mesothelioma.

Court proceedings were brought against the MoD & E.ON and we obtained an initial payment of £40,000 compensation early in the case. The Mesothelioma claim was settled a few weeks before Trial for £230,000. We used the fast-track Mesothelioma Court procedure, which meant that our client’s claim was concluded only 18 months after he was diagnosed with Mesothelioma.