Slater and Gordon Lawyers deal with all aspects of purchasing and selling property in France.

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We can help clients with the buying or re-sale of existing homes, 'off plan' and leaseback properties in France.

For a more detailed explanation of buying French property, please read our Beginner's Guide to Purchasing Property in France.

Off plan properties are new builds and are usually not completed at the time of purchase. Glossy sales brochures with architect’s images may be available and you may be shown the land or construction site on which the property will eventually sit plus outline plans for the development and individual properties.

With Leaseback property, you purchase the freehold title usually of an “off plan” property and lease it back to a management company/Lessee, receiving an annual rent in return. The amount will vary depending on how much use of the property you personally wish to have. The management company takes care of the property management, rental and upkeep and both owner/lessor and lessee have certain responsibilities stipulated in the lease. Re-sales do take place also.

We liaise directly with the parties involved in the conveyancing process to ensure your purchase or sale of French property takes place as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

We can guide you through every detail of the transaction, providing advice on:

  • preliminary contracts (e.g. compromis de vente, promesse de vente, reservation contract)
  • location plans
  • town planning provisions (urbanisme)
  • Power of Attorney (procuration)
  • property taxes: purchase, local, etc.
  • final draft deed of sale (projet d'acte de vente)
  • obtaining an official copy of the deed of sale after completion (expédition)
  • commercial leases for leaseback properties (bail commercial)
  • proof of ownership (attestation de propriété)

Translation of French contracts is usually expensive and frequently inadequate and errors have even been known to have costly legal implications. Our lengthy legal and linguistic expertise allows us to review the original French contractual documents and provide reports explaining the terms and conditions of the French contracts. We can also give you independent advice on your options with a view to completing your purchase or sale of property in France.

We can help you through the entire purchase process, from pre-contract stage to completion. For more information and help about buying a property in France please call us today on freephone 0800 916 9083 or contact us online.

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