Slater and Gordon’s Commercial Property Lawyers ensure they deliver sound and innovative solutions for your energy, infrastructure and utility projects.

Our vast experience means that we can advise on issues specific to the energy sector and the infrastructure and utilities sectors. We act for developers (including major utility companies) and landowners, so we can see both points of view when negotiating documents.

We cover a broad spectrum of legal disciplines including site acquisition, site assembly and construction matters through to consents and regulatory issues for energy, infrastructure and utilities projects.

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Why Slater and Gordon

We became involved with the renewable energy sector for over 15 years so we understand both the unique challenges and significant opportunities in this fast-moving area. There is increased demand for energy and security of supply, as well as complex regulation and pressure to reduce emissions. These are all challenges which require lawyers with specialist expertise who understand the key issues and ability to adapt quickly to change.

We advise both landowners and developers, we have experience dealing with multiple owners, and we have the systems needed to ensure projects are not delayed.

Our Expertise

Onshore and Offshore Wind Farms

We have assisted in a number of wind farm developments at sites across the UK. We act for both landowners and developers so we understand situations where there are competing interests. We focus on finding a fair balance to ensure that the transaction progresses and a successful outcome is achieved.

Solar Panels

We can negotiate agreements and set up a contract for delivery to the National Grid.

Onshore Gas Exploration

Onshore gas exploration continues to be a controversial subject. We have been involved in a number of onshore gas exploration projects involving both coal bed, methane and shale gas. Our experience means that we are well qualified to advise you on developing, financing and licensing onshore gas facilities as well as dealing with share transactions, joint ventures and decommissioning security.

Our Recent Renewable Energy Projects:

  • Acting for a major water utility company across a number of issues involving property matters, including sales, purchases, leases, statutory agreements and general property and planning advice;
  • Negotiating multi-landowner easements for the electricity cables of a wind farm in Mid Wales and providing support in the subsequent sale of the wind farm project;
  • Acting for landowners in negotiating telecommunications leases;
  • Advising on a number of battery storage projects;
  • Drafting and negotiating the options for four solar farms;
  • Advising a light rail operator on numerous property matters over many years including a recent major extension to a national airport and the acquisition of land and rights required for a further extension and creation of a new station.

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