Slater and Gordon Lawyers offer different levels of divorce and dissolution services to meet your individual circumstances. Our services are adaptable to meet your individual needs and allow you to progress at a pace that is right for you and your family. With pay freezes, redundancies and the recession often reducing household income it is imperative that we offer a transparent, affordable solution when it comes to divorce and dissolution which can often be costly.

We offer a fixed price lawyer assisted divorce service as well as a fixed price fully represented non-contested divorce and dissolution service which has been discounted for police personnel.

We also offer a service tailored to your individual circumstances in the event that your divorce or dissolution involves international issues or is likely to be defended.

A divorce or dissolution will legally end your marriage or civil partnership. Our fixed price services will not include any work in relation to your finances or any related children issues.

We offer police officers and personnel a free one hour appointment to discuss all family law matters. If you would like to take this offer, please let us know by ticking the box on the enquiry form below.

Unlike many other online services we are not virtual: we are real solicitors who will ensure that you are properly advised throughout, your case will be supervised by a qualified solicitor.

Lawyer Assisted Divorce for Police

What's Included?

30 minutes of telephone advice at any stage of your divorce or dissolution. 

Drafting of your divorce or dissolution petition, statement of arrangements for children form and application for decree nisi / conditional order (up to two drafts of each). 

You will receive a pack providing you with:

  • A step by step guide to the divorce or dissolution process
  • A guide to help you apply for a certified copy of your marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • A guide to help you decide whether you will qualify for a fee exemption and application form
  • A guide to help you apply for personal service of your divorce or dissolution
  • A list of all the county courts in England and Wales and their contact details
  • Sample letters for you to use to correspond with the court and your spouse or civil partner

What's Not Included?

  • We will not engage in any correspondence with your spouse or civil partner or their legal advisor
  • We will not engage in any correspondence with the court on your behalf
  • This service is not suitable if you need advice in respect of international issues or in the event that your spouse or civil partner is likely to defend your petition

Should at any time you wish us to take over your case on the fully represented basis or require assistance in addition to the above service we will be happy to help you.

Full Represented Divorce for Police

What's Included?

We conduct your divorce or dissolution for you from start to finish.

We draft and lodge all court documents on your behalf and take responsibility for all correspondence with the court, your spouse or civil partner and their solicitors.

What's Not Included?

We will have to take you off the fixed price service in the event of international issues arising in your case or in the event your divorce or dissolution becomes defended.

Tailored Divorce for Police

What's Included?

Our team of expert lawyers are experienced in dealing with complex divorce or dissolution cases involving international or jurisdiction issues or in the event of proceedings becoming defended.

Tailored advice is charged at Legal advisors standard hourly rate. Police personnel receive discounted rates with up to 30% off.

For assistance please call freephone 0808 175 8000 or contact us using the form below and we will call you.

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Note: This will be the address at which you are officially registered. You will be on the electoral role at this address and this is the address that your bank ,DVLA or other organisations correspond with you at.
Note: A third party will be someone who may be connected to your divorce. This is usually someone you or your spouse or civil partner are having or have had a relationship with.