Here at Slater and Gordon Lawyers we understand that the breakdown of relationships is a very stressful and emotional time. Our experienced police family law team can help with all aspects which need to be considered post separation including issues regarding the dividing of assets and arrangements for any children involved in the family relationship.

Financial Arrangements

Settling the financial arrangements is often far more complex than the divorce itself. With the help of a solicitor most people are able to agree on how their finances should be arranged.

In some cases, where there are particular points of conflict we might advise seeing an independent mediator before involving the courts.

Issues Involving Children

Disputes involving children are invariably difficult and stressful. Disagreements over residency and contact can become highly emotionally and traumatic. At Slater and Gordon Lawyers we have extensive experience of the disputes that can arise when parents separate or divorce. Our aim is to help guide you through these disputes to an amicable resolution.

The primary task of all separating parents must be to help their children through the period of separation with the minimum of disturbance, distress and long term harm.
One way of achieving this is to do everything you reasonably can to reach an amicable agreement over residence and contact.

If appropriate we will refer you to a family mediation service to help you resolve these disputes as quickly as possible. Often it is very useful to get in touch with these organisations for advice on how best to help children cope with separation and divorce.

Residency and Contact

In disputes over where a child will live, the Court will generally favour a solution offering permanence and stability which is in the child's best interest. The Court will be assisted by a report from a Child and Family Reporter (CFR) - independent of both parents - who will visit the children at the homes of both parents, have separate meetings with both parents, and make enquiries of schools, the local social services and other agencies as appropriate.

Where it deems it appropriate the Court will then make an order relating to where the child or children will live. When necessary the Court also has the power to prohibit the removal of a child or children from one person's care and/or their removal from England and Wales.

Contact is the right of the child to see its non resident parent and sometimes grandparents.

It is often more common for disagreement to arise over contact than over questions of residence. The Court will not make any order unless it is satisfied that this would be better for the child than not making an order.

The Court believes that it is the right of the child to have a relationship with both parents, and its role is to help finalise arrangements that further this aim. Contact is not a matter of reward or punishment for one or other parent.

Contact your specialist police family law representative for legal advice on dissolution, divorce and separation agreements. We offer free initial consultations and reduced rates for all police personnel.