On 15th December 2010, 408 claimants who developed 'sofa rash' from the banned fungicide DMF in their leather sofa won a settlement totalling £750,000

The claimants all purchased Linkwise manufactured furniture from Land of Leather and were initially told that they would not receive compensation after Land of Leather went into administration in 2009.  Please note: this does not have any affect on claimants who purchased a Land of Leather sofa that was not manufactured by Linkwise, or those who have claims against a number of other companies.  These claims are continuing.  If you feel you may have a sofa rash claim then please contact us on 0800 884 0324 or see a list of sofa models affected.

Sofa Rash Update: 15th Dec 2010

Slater and Gordon Lawyers lead Sofa Rash Group Litigation Order.

The cause of the skin rashes has now been confirmed as the chemical Dimethyl Fumarate (DMF), a fungicide contained in a sachet inside the sofas, inserted to prevent mould during shipping. Crystals contained in these sachets transform into toxic gas, particularly when exposed to heat. This can then pass through clothes, causing the sofa rash.

Sofa Rash Update: 26th April 2010

The High Court has ordered several High Street retailers to pay out up to £20m in compensation to customers who received chemical burns from their leather sofas. For more coverage on the sofa update read the articles featured on Sky News, BBC News, The Independent, Guardian and Metro.

Sofa Rash Update: 24th February 2010

The hearing to decide the amount of damages claimants who have suffered with sofa rashes and burns is due to be held on 15th-17th March 2010 at the Royal Courts of Justice.

The Sunday Mirror has highlighted that the toxic sofa battle could be the biggest consumer injury action in UK legal history as the damages bill could reach £20million.

Sofa Rash Update: 8th September 2009

New Manufacturers linked with 'Toxic Sofas'
As a result of recent laboratory testing, it appears that there may be more Chinese furniture manufacturers potentially involved with the sofa rash cases than was first thought. We will be conducting further testing and investigations not only on furniture manufactured by the previously known Linkwise and Eurosofa but also on sofas from other Chinese manufacturers.

The recent testing showed levels of DMF (di-methyl fumarate), Chromium VI and NPEO/OPEO were found in certain, but not all ranges, manufactured by some additional manufacturers.

If you have bought a sofa in the last few years and are suffering with burns or rashes please call us on 0800 884 0324 or contact us online. You should also speak to your doctor.

98% of our Personal Injury Claims are funded through a Conditional Fee Agreement, which is more commonly known as a ‘No Win, No Fee’ agreement.

Our dedicated sofa rash solicitors in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Cardiff and Edinburgh can offer immediate and accessible representation anywhere in the UK.

First Toxic Sofa case settled: September 09
The first sofa rash case has now been settled, after Furniture Warehouse in Dudley paid an undisclosed four-figure sum to pensioner Maurice Heminsley after he suffered rashes and burns from his new leather sofa.

Read Richard Langton's interview with The Times in which he discusses what this means for clients involved in the Group Litigation Order, being heard at the Royal Courts of Justice at the end of September.

Watchdog 'Eurosofa leather sofas causing rashes?' 13th October 2008
On 13th October 2008, the BBC’s Watchdog programme reported that a new manufacturer had been linked to the problem – China based Eurosofa. A number of consumers who have purchased sofas manufactured by Eurosofa have reported the same ‘sofa burns’ symptoms as those who purchased the Linkwise models from Land of Leather, Walmsley’s Furnishing and Argos. Further investigation by the Watchdog team showed that the same fungicide product found in the Linkwise sofas was also present in the Eurosofa products.

In light of the ongoing problem, Slater and Gordon Lawyers advise that anyone who has experienced similar skin problems should contact the retailer where they originally purchased the sofa from, visit their GP immediately, and contact a solicitor to see if they are able to bring a sofa rash claim.

Update from hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice: 6th September 2008
Richard Langton partner in charge of the sofa litigation said; "The judge has made it clear he wants all the defendants to clarify their position on accepting liability by the end of September. We should then be able to make good progress towards settling cases so consumers get proper financial redress as soon as possible. Anyone who thinks they may have been affected needs to join in the proceedings urgently if they want to get the benefit of the group action".

Update from hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice: June 2008
A court ruling in June ensured that potentially thousands of sofa rash claimants will have their claims dealt with under a defective product Group Litigation Order, the largest ever recorded in England and Wales. Slater and Gordon Lawyers are leading this action. For more details: Green Light for Sofa Rash Claims

National Press highlight sofa rash dangers

As the Law Firm handling the majority of the UK’s faulty sofa claims, Slater and Gordon Lawyers Richard Langton and Christian Shotton have been asked for comments by both the BBC’s Watchdog programme and national newspaper The Sun, amongst others. For additional information and to read their comments:

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