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In one particular food poisoning case our Solicitors represented a group of people who contracted Salmonella after eating at a restaurant in East London. More than 160 people were poisoned and one of them was hospitalised for nearly a month.

No Win, No Fee Food Poisoning Claims

98% of our Personal Injury Claims are funded through a Conditional Fee Agreement, which is more commonly known as a No Win, No Fee agreement. This means there is no financial risk to you.

The first step in claiming compensation on a 'No Win, No Fee' basis, is to contact our Personal Injury Solicitors for a free consultation and provide the details about what happened, where and when the food poisoning took place.

A No Win, No Fee Solicitor will then review your case based on the information that you provide, and we can help you understand whether or not you have a claim for food poisoning compensation.

We can provide immediate legal representation and rehabilitation support anywhere in the UK.

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The Law & Food Poisoning Claims

The Consumer Protection Act 1987 makes it easier to claim compensation for food poisoning which happened in the UK. The Act says that the food retailer must sell a product which is free from harmful bacteria which could cause food poisoning. If you can establish the source of the food poisoning infection, then the law imposes a “strict liability” rule on the offending restaurant, shop or supplier. Unusually, you do not need to prove that anyone was negligent, only that:

  • the food was not safe (it contained food poisoning bacteria) 
  • you have been made ill (suffered food poisoning symptoms) 
  • the cause of the illness is the unsafe food (the infected food gave you food poisoning)

You can sue any or all of the organisations listed below:

  • Producer of the food 
  • Importers of food into the EU & not just the UK 
  • Own-brands such as supermarkets that put their own name on food products.

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What to Do if You Think You Have Food Poisoning

  • Seek medical assistance as soon as possible
  • Contact your local Environmental Health Department 
  • Stay off work or school for 48 hours or you may pass the illness to others
  • List everything you ate in the previous 24 hours
  • Keep the suspect food, if you still have it, in its packaging if possible
  • Preserve the food (i.e. freeze it) but prevent contamination with other foods
  • Keep all relevant receipts such as restaurant bills or supermarket receipts
  • Take down names and contact details of possible witnesses
  • Medical evidence from a Gastroenterologist will be required to prove your illness and the extent of your recovery.

Claims can be difficult to pursue if the food poisoning bacteria have a long incubation period. But if you were one of large group who have been poisoned then your food poisoning claim will be easier to prove.

If you ate in different establishments in a short period of time then it may be difficult to identify the source of the infection that caused:

  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Stomach cramps

Repeated vomiting and diarrhoea from food poisoning can dehydrate a person rapidly. The elderly and the very young are at particular risk from serious injury due to dehydration. Urgent hospital treatment can be required for severe cases of infection.

Likely Reasons for Food Poisoning Include

  • inadequate cooking to kill food poisoning bacteria
  • improper storage of foods that are a potential source of food poisoning bacteria
  • cross contamination of bacterial infection from food to food
  • poor hygiene standards

More information can be found at the Food Standards Agency

Environmental Health Officers handle complaints about food quality, hygiene and safety issues that have caused food poisoning. They will investigate allegations and prosecute the food establishment if there is sufficient evidence.

Find your local Environmental Health Officer

Environmental Health Officers can gather evidence quickly using their statutory powers. Such evidence may be vital to your food poisoning claim.

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