Asbestos occurs naturally in the environment and this very low level exposure will not cause illness. It's when someone is exposed to a high level of Asbestos fibres that Mesothelioma disease occurs.

Asbestos was first used in industry because of its fire-retardant, insulating and corrosion protection properties. Eventually people began to link the use of Asbestos with a number of diseases, some of them like Mesothelioma are fatal.

It is now recognised that continuous exposure to high levels of Asbestos fibres, either at work, or in the home, does indeed have health dangers associated with it and many people who have been diagnosed with an Asbestos related disease are able to claim Asbestos Compensation.

Asbestos Fibres

There are three main kinds of Asbestos fibres:

  • Chrysotile - white
  • Crocidolite - blue
  • Amosite - brown

It is the thin fibres of each of these types of Asbestos that are inhaled when disturbed and work their way into the body.

Asbestos Related Diseases

Luckily, not everyone who is exposed to Asbestos will become ill, indeed the majority will suffer no adverse effects at all. However there are several asbestos related diseases that can occur including Pleural Plaques, Pleural Thickening, Asbestosis, Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma.

Claiming Compensation for Mesothelioma

98% of our Asbestos Compensation Claims are funded through a Conditional Fee Agreement, which is more commonly known as a No Win, No Fee agreement.

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