Health & Safety Regulations cover almost any item that is required for you to do your job properly: be it indoors or outdoors, and including machinery and any protective clothing that may be needed.

Your employer is responsible for regular maintenance of this equipment, although the exact amount depends on a number of factors: the nature of the equipment, the likelihood of defects developing and the foreseen consequences all influence how often and how intensively maintenance should be performed.

Where there is a clear guideline on how often a piece of equipment should be maintained and this is not done, your employer may be laying themselves open to a claim of negligence if you are hurt as a consequence of the poor state of repair of the equipment.

Health & Safety regulations also cover employees working conditions – including ventilation, light, temperature and workstation layout.

Health & Safety - Training

It may be that you have been injured not because the equipment is sub standard but because you have not had sufficient training on how to use the equipment. Without correct training an employee can be putting not only themselves but also their work colleagues at risk.

Health & Safety - Supervision

It is a requirement that an employer provides a suitable level of supervision. However, the amount of supervision that someone requires varies from person to person and role to role. Certain groups may require a higher level of care or supervision, for example pregnant woman, disabled workers or those where English is not their first language.

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