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Criminal and misconduct services for Police Federation members

Facing an investigation, whether it relates to criminal or misconduct allegations, can be professionally and personally distressing. We understand that being a witness to a serious incident can be very traumatic, particularly where a post incident procedure is undertaken.

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What does my Police Federation membership cover for criminal and misconduct allegations on-duty?

We provide advice and representation to police officers from police station interview to criminal prosecution and misconduct proceedings. In the majority of investigations, after we’ve provided advice to an officer, no proceedings are brought against them.

In criminal and misconduct cases difficult decisions have to be made in consultation as to whether or not the officer should answer questions when interviewed under caution. The decision whether or not to answer question in interview, or put forward a written response, is a difficult one and the officer is often under pressure to provide an account.

In police officer misconduct and criminal matters, the Federation providers cover for members requiring:

  • All stages of criminal and misconduct investigations at no cost to the member provided it arises from or relates to police duty
  • All other misconduct hearings for members facing charges or a friend representing the member
  • Any criminal proceedings arising from or relating to police duty at no cost to the member (with some conditions)
  • Any misconduct hearing (and in appropriate cases appeals to the Police Appeals Tribunal) in which the member denies the offence and where the ultimate sanction of dismissal is available

If you require help and assistance with a criminal or misconduct allegation, in the first instance contact your local Joint Branch Board.

In cases of emergency where a member has been arrested, immediate access to an experienced police criminal lawyer can be obtained outside normal hours by calling 0800 908 977, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

What does my Police Federation membership cover for criminal and misconduct allegations off-duty?

Off-duty incidents can have serious implications for police officers in their professional and personal lives, potentially leading to misconduct proceedings. Our police lawyers are on hand to assist with the misconduct as well as criminal aspects of any proceedings relating to off-duty incidents.

Off-duty criminal matters are not funded by the Police Federation directly, although many local Federation have arrangement for legal expense insurance for their members. Contact your local Joint Branch Board for information on your Federations arrangements.

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