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We are all entitled to a basic level of privacy in both our private and professional lives. Traditionally, privacy claims were brought, when possible, for breach of confidence. 

However the introduction of the Human Rights Act in 2000 breathed new life into privacy, allowing individuals to assert, like their European counterparts, rights to privacy.

In recent years we have seen a flurry of Court actions by celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Catherine Zeta Jones, Max Mosely and John Terry, all of whom have sought to either protect their private lives, or claim that their private lives have been invaded to an unacceptable degree.

Our Approach to Privacy Claims

Our Solicitors can advise you whether you have:

  • Without your knowledge, featured in a media publication or broadcast 
  • Agreed to participate in a media publication or broadcast but have been upset with the result, or 
  • Had your employee or any third party pass on information about you that you deem of a private nature.

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