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Everybody's reputation is precious. Defamation Law governs what you can do if your reputation is unjustly attacked.

The law has to achieve a delicate balance between protecting freedom of speech while at the same time providing a remedy when the reputation of an individual, a business or brand is damaged.

A defamatory publication is one that makes people think less of you. In order to be defamatory the offending words must have been communicated to one or more other persons.

Defamation Law in the UK covers two types of Defamation: Libel & Slander.

Libel involves publication in written or some other permanent form, including online defamation, television and radio broadcasts. Slander involves the spoken word or a publication in some other transient form.

Even if you have not been named or photographed in the publication about which you complain, you can still claim for defamation damages, provided you can prove that the words referred to you.

If your personal or brand reputation has been attacked you should take action quickly, the limitation period for a defamation claim is only one year from the date of publication. There have to be exceptional reasons for the Courts to permit a defamation claim to be brought outside this period.

Our Libel Case Win vs. The Sunday Times

Our Libel Lawyers won the libel and malicious falsehood case for Peter Cruddas, the former Conservative Party Treasurer; against The Sunday Times. Slater and Gordon achieved £180,000 in damages, including £15,000 for aggravated damages; plus his legal costs. See the full story about this Libel case here.

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