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Slater and Gordon awarded core participant status for Independent Inquiry into child sex abuse

Slater and Gordon has today been awarded core participant status for the Independent Inquiry into child sex abuse.

The privileged status is for the section of the Inquiry into alleged abuse by the now deceased Labour peer Lord Janner.

Any alleged victim still wishing to give evidence, who has not already contacted the Inquiry, is advised to do so as swiftly as possible as time is running out for their allegations to be heard by  Justice Lowell Goddard.

Liz Dux, a specialist abuse lawyer who represents a number of alleged victims, said: “I would urge anyone who has already contacted the police, or who wishes to speak to the Inquiry as a complainant, to contact us as quickly as possible.

“The time frame for submitting further applications will shortly expire so anyone wishing to come forward should do so immediately.

“Anybody who wishes to discuss this can contact myself or Oliver Jeffcott on 020 7657 1555.”

A preliminary hearing of the Inquiry, which will be the biggest the UK has ever seen, took place today at the Royal Courts of Justice.

It was announced that the first evidence will be heard in September.

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