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Law Firm Launches Legal Action Against Jailed Neurosurgeon

Law Firm Launches Legal Action Against Jailed Neurosurgeon

Former patients of a Birmingham neurosurgeon convicted of sexual abuse have launched legal action. 

Nafees Hamid, 51, was jailed for 16 years in November last year after being found guilty of nine indecent assaults against patients at two Birmingham hospitals.

Law firm Slater and Gordon, which represents 168 sex victims of the late DJ Jimmy Savile, is now pursuing civil claims on behalf of a number of his victims against Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Efa Schmidt, specialist abuse lawyer with Slater and Gordon, said: “This was a shocking case which has had a long lasting and profound effect on the victims of Hamid who had come to him seeking medical help.

“He callously abused his trusted status to commit assaults on these women, some of whom were vulnerable, and showed no remorse during his trial.

“These women showed great bravery in coming forward and ensuring that Hamid was convicted for his terrible crimes. They now want to ensure this does not happen to anybody else.”

During the trial at Birmingham Crown Court last year the 51-year-old consultant was described as 'a good surgeon but not a good man.'

Jurors heard he performed intimate and prolonged examinations on women, often without gloves, which were found to be medically unjustifiable. They had come to him for back and neck problems.

Hamid was found guilty of nine sexual assaults against six women, which took place between 2012 and 2013.

Court Judge Patrick Thomas QC told the neurosurgeon he was the most intelligent man he had ever seen in the dock of a criminal court but that he had been 'brought low' by lust.

He said Hamid exercised his lust 'arrogantly' over his patients, abusing them in what he described as 'the most extreme breach of trust.'

Among Hamid's victims was a woman in her mid-20s whose complaint led to the neurosurgeon's arrest and him being charged.

This then triggered a sequence of events that led to other victims coming forward to report assaults at the hands of Hamid.

Mrs Schmidt added: “There may be more of Hamid’s victims who did not come forward during his criminal trial so the civil case may be their last chance for redress. I would urge anyone considering coming forward to do so as soon as possible.”

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