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Claim vs Thomson Holidays for Food Poisoning on Holiday at Hotel in Egypt

Claim vs Thomson Holidays for Food Poisoning on Holiday at Hotel in Egypt

A British holidaymaker has launched legal action against Thomson Holidays after his family holiday was ruined when he contracted a serious strain of salmonella.

Alex Comley, 33, had used the tour operator to book a 10-day break to sun-kissed Egypt in July with his wife Louise, 36, and two-year-old son Sebastian. However the family’s £1,943 all-inclusive holiday was ruined only four days after they arrived when at the four-star resort after Alex was struck down by salmonella food poisoning.

His illness was so serious that when he flew home Alex needed medical treatment and was unable to return to work as a pilot for EasyJet for more than a month.

Mr Comley, from Bracknell, Berkshire said, “We were all very excited about the holiday abroad as it was the first family holiday since my son Sebastian was born. We had planned on doing so many firsts and really wanted Sebastian to have a wonderful time on his holiday and enjoy spending some real quality time together as a family. However the holiday turned into a nightmare.

“There were a number of occasions when we had to send food back to the kitchen as it was undercooked, that was the first warning sign but we had very limited options about where we could eat so we had to get on with it.”

Despite their concerns the family were determined to make the best of their holiday and made plans for a series of trips and activities. However things went from bad to worse just four days into the holiday when Mr Comley was awoken in the early hours of the morning with crippling stomach pains. The father-of-one was left in agony for the remainder of the holiday suffering with vomiting and diarrhoea and forcing him to spend the remainder of his trip in his hotel room.

Mr Comley said, “Despite the terrible hygiene standards of the hotel we have been trying to make the best of it but then I was struck by the worst case of stomach sickness imaginable. I have never been so unwell. I couldn’t be away from the toilet for any extended periods as I was so ill so I was basically trapped in a hotel room for nearly the entire time. I had only eaten in the hotel as it was an all-inclusive so I must have eaten something there to cause the problems.

“I told my wife to try and make sure our son had a good first holiday but the sickness really ruined it for all of us. It was bad enough to be that ill away from home but to miss my son’s first holiday was heart-breaking.”

When the family returned to the UK Mr Comley made an appointment to see the doctor as he was still feeling ill and was diagnosed with salmonella food poisoning. His food poisoning symptoms were so severe he could not return to work for four weeks.

He said, “I was still feeling very poorly when we arrived home and I knew I should have been feeling better if it was just a bug so I went to visit my doctor. He did some tests and sent me home only to call me a few hours later and told me I had a severe strain of salmonella and that if I didn’t get any better I would have to go to hospital. I was stunned and very worried.”

Mr Comley, who has not even received an apology from Thomson Holidays, has now instructed Travel Litigation Solicitors at Slater & Gordon Lawyers to start a holiday food poisoning claim.

He said, “The hotel was clearly not fit for purpose and I would expect a holiday company not to send people there as it did not meet standards any holiday maker would expect. It is not acceptable. They didn’t even apologise to me so now I am determined to make them understand how they have ruined my family holiday and make sure this doesn’t happen to someone else.”

Slater & Gordon Travel Lawyer, who is representing Mr Comley said, “'This was meant to be a relaxing family getaway but instead the holiday was ruined when Mr Comley was left extremely ill due to what we believe was entirely avoidable poor hygiene at the resort.

“The restaurant for the hotel guests was clearly not of an acceptable standard which ultimately resulted in Mr Comley becoming very ill.  The salmonella food poisoning not only ruined the holiday but has already left him unable to work due to persistent tingling, pins and needles to his hands and feet.”

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