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Toddler Scarred for Life after Being Showered with Glass

Toddler Scarred for Life after Being Showered with Glass

A two year old boy is lucky to be alive after a glass door shattered over him during a trip to a Marriott hotel swimming pool.

Lucas Jones was left with several pieces of glass embedded in his back following the incident at the Marriott Worsley Park hotel near Manchester. Fortunately his quick-thinking father was on hand to bundle the toddler up in towels to stem the bleeding until an ambulance could arrive.

The married father-of-two said, “It could have been a hell of lot worse because a two year old only has so much blood in his body, if it had caught a main artery he could have bled to death.

“The poor lad was on his knees with a full pane of glass shattered all over him. I had to pull him out of the cubicle and shower him down again. He had a piece of glass embedded in his back about as big as a fifty pence piece.”

The incident occurred in the hotel’s changing rooms following one of Lucas’s weekly swimming lessons. After entering the changing rooms to take a shower, Lucas went to fetch a towel when the full-length glass screen disintegrated around him.

“It would have been so much worse if some of the glass had hit him in the neck,” said his father. “There was blood everywhere.”

Paramedics who arrived on scene a few minutes later bandaged the toddler up before taking him to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Doctors kept him in hospital for 48 hours to recover after putting him under general anaesthetic to stitch three deep wounds in his back and one in the palm of his hand which later became infected.

Although Marriott Hotels admitted liability over the incident after Lucas’s father launched legal action, the hotel chain has yet to offer an apology or even inquire about Lucas’ condition.

Mr Jones said, “I’ve still not had a phone call asking ‘how’s your son’ even though I’ve been a member there for the past 11 years.

“A glass door doesn’t just shatter at the hinges for no reason. It was a full length, six foot glass door which just disintegrated all over my two year old boy. Their health and safety was non-existent. There was no first aider on site. It was shocking.”

Slater and Gordon Lawyer Keith Whitehead said, “Lucas was lucky not to have been even more seriously wounded or fatally injured. Customers have every right to expect these sorts of facilities to be a safe place but there has been an obvious and very dangerous break down in health and safety at this Marriott hotel.

“The company has admitted it was at fault but I would urge them to investigate this incident and ensure no other customers are put at risk.”

Keith Whitehead is a Litigation Executive & Personal Injury Lawyer at Slater and Gordon in Birmingham.

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