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Pc Carol Howard Tribunal finds she was subject to sex and race discrimination

Pc Carol Howard Tribunal finds she was subject to sex and race discrimination

The Metropolitan Police is facing another racism and sexism scandal after a tribunal found it had subjected an officer to discrimination because she was black and a woman. 

In a damning judgement, a tribunal found that Slater and Gordon client Pc Carol Howard, who worked for the elite Diplomatic Protection Group, was "singled out and targeted for almost a whole year". 

The Central London Employment Tribunal judged that the Met "directly discriminated" against Ms Howard, from Purley in Surrey, "on the grounds of sex and race" between 31 January and 29 October 2012.

It also found that the Met had a policy to remove mention of “discrimination” from grievance investigations - prompting fears racism and sexism allegations were being whitewashed.

Her lawyer Kiran Daurka, of Slater and Gordon, has called for a full public inquiry in to how the Met handle race discrimination claims.  

She said, "This judgement is a damning indictment on the Met. The conduct of the Metropolitan Police and some of its senior officers towards Carol Howard was deplorable over the last two years. My client was subjected to discriminatory treatment because she is black and because she is a woman.

"Fifteen years after the Met was branded 'institutionally racist' they have failed in addressing discrimination which pervades the system. The Met admitted in their own evidence that they have a policy of removing any finding of discrimination from their grievance investigations, even where there is evidence of it (as in Carol's case). What hope is there of eradicating discrimination with that prejudice endemic?  

"This case shows that there needs to be a complete re-write of the Metropolitan Police's equality procedures and an independent investigation into existing measures purporting to deal with discrimination complaints.

"That's the only way to protect officers facing similar discrimination in the future. 

“Carol was supported by the Police Federation of England and Wales and the Metropolitan Police Federation in bringing her claims.  In particular, she is very grateful to PC Sandra Moseley and PC Lorraine Francis for their support. Schona Jolly of Cloisters was the instructed barrister."

To see the main Judgement please click here.


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