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Slater and Gordon Representing Abuse Victims of Barclays Bank Doctor

Slater and Gordon Lawyers have welcomed the decision by Northumbria Police to investigate claims a doctor allegedly sexually assaulted hundreds of bank employees during company medicals on Tyneside.

Dr Gordon Bates, who died in 2009 aged 73, allegedly carried out unnecessary intimate examinations on young women about to embark on their first jobs as bank clerks, tellers and secretaries. 

The medical examinations were in the 1970s and 80s but police believe victims were afraid to speak out at the time. Barclays Bank alerted police earlier this year and has contacted former staff who may have been targeted. 

Law firm Slater and Gordon, which is representing a number of Dr Bates’ alleged victims since the allegations first came to light last month, have backed the investigation. 

Slater and Gordon Abuse Lawyer Liz Dux who is leading the representation of Jimmy Savile abuse victims and many other serious abuse cases said, “In the past two weeks we have received requests for legal advice from several women who were sexually assaulted by Dr Bates. 

“These examinations all took place at the request of Barclays as part of their pre-employment medical.  Barclays bank could be liable for the actions of Dr Bates, even if they had no knowledge because he was acting as their agent. 

“Many of my clients are still employed by the bank and are very nervous about coming forward. I can assure people that they need not be worried. Their employment cannot be effected as a result of pursuing legal action. Although Dr Bates is dead, we have to get to the truth of what happened and exactly who was effected“.

Anyone with any information please contact Slater and Gordon’s Abuse Lawyers on freephone 0800 916 9046, in London call 020 7657 1658 or contact us online

Media Contact: Lee Cain. Tel: 0207 657 1692

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