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Leading national Family Law practice calls for increased mediation in divorce to reduce skyrocketing costs

Leading law firm Slater and Gordon welcomes the findings of the Legal Ombudsman’s report today. The report released today by the Legal Ombudsman for England and Wales showed complaints by clients in divorce and family law were higher than in any other category.

Slater and Gordon’s commitment to taking an open and constructive approach to the practice of Family Law underpins all Divorce services the firm offers. Recently, the Family Team introduced fixed fee services to give customers on a modest budget the comprehensive legal services they need. The firm pursues results based on Resolution’s Code of Practice so that a majority of cases are settled without needing to go to court– reducing the cost for those going through the traumatic process of divorce wherever possible.   

Amanda McAlister, Head of Family Law, Slater and Gordon said:

“More than any other practice area, Family lawyers have a real responsibility to be open and transparent about costs with their clients. People going through a divorce and seeing their family breaking up will naturally be upset, so their lawyers must be very clear about costs and about the best approach to take.

“We encourage clients wherever possible to come to an agreement without going to court. This can be through mediation or arbitration – not only do these alternatives keep costs down, they lead in many cases to better outcomes for all concerned, particularly when there are children involved."

“We also offer a fixed-fee service, which provides clients with clarity about what their costs will be.

“As members of Resolution, we follow a clear code of practice that promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems including divorce."

“However, there will always be occasions where going to court is a necessary step, particularly when one party refuses to engage in mediation with the other.”

Margaret Kelly, Principal Lawyer, Family Practice said:

“In complex family disputes it is vital to have the best advice and representation possible – however, we always pursue settlements outside of court wherever possible to reduce costs for our clients.  

“A good family lawyer takes their client on a journey to resolution, where every step of that journey is understood and agreed along the way.”