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Military whistleblowers must be protected

Manchester-based lawyers are calling for the Armed Forces personnel should be entitled to the same legal protection as workers throughout the UK.

Vanessa Wilson of Slater and Gordon Lawyers has said that soldiers in the North West are increasingly vulnerable as the military is under pressure to cut costs. Within this economic climate, soldiers must not fear reprisal from speaking up, especially given concerns of job security. Those in the Army rely on their line of command to relay their concerns, and cannot by law have available to them trade union or staff association representation or support.

What differs in the Army, as compared to civilian life is that once concerns are raised, soldiers have limited protection against adverse treatment for Whistleblowing.

In the civilian sector there is protection for those who make themselves vulnerable by speaking out about malpractices, so long as they do so in the right way and to the right person. What is clear from Peter Flann’s account is that the military’s redress process is clearly not fit for purpose in protecting whistleblowers.

Vanessa Wilson, Solicitor at Slater and Gordon said:

“The military must begin the process of updating its internal justice system, so those who devote their lives to service can receive the same level of Employment protection as their peers in civilian life.”