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Slater and Gordon Offer Their Children Law Expertise at Christmas

In the build up to Christmas, Slater and Gordon have been sharing their knowledge in children law.

Senior family solicitor Cara Nuttall has provided advice for parents who have separated, in both the Metro and Greater Manchester Business Week.

It is widely recognised that Christmas is a hard time of year for many people across the UK; this is especially true for couples with children who have divorced or separated.

The problem is ‘who gets the kids over Christmas’? At Slater and Gordon, we have seen an increase in the number of enquiries about child arrangements over Christmas. It’s common for both parents to want to spend the festive period, and especially Christmas Day, with their children. Unfortunately, this often leads to arguments.

By offering practical advice in the Metro and Greater Manchester Business Week, Cara hopes to have helped separated parents in reaching agreements over the issue of where their children spend the festive period. Some of her top tips included:

  • Putting the children first
  • Trying to agree on the arrangements as early as possible
  • Speaking to a family lawyer if you are unable to reach an agreement

As well as this, she gave a number of suggestions for compromise that could be used to reach an agreement where both the parents and the children will be happy.

If you are a divorced mum or dad struggling with your child’s arrangement over the Christmas period, Slater and Gordon can help. We are offering free half-hour appointments with one of our Manchester-based family law experts throughout January 2016. To make an appointment in Manchester, call 0161 830 9769 or visit our office at 58 Mosley Street, Manchester, M2 3HZ.

Slater and Gordon are experts in children law and children arrangements. With the biggest team of family lawyers in the country, we can provide services anywhere in England and Wales. For an initial consultation call us on freephone 0800 916 9055 or contact us online.

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