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The Will of Status Quo Rock Star Rick Parfitt

The Will of Status Quo Rock Star Rick Parfitt

The funeral for rock star Rick Parfitt took place yesterday following his death on Christmas Eve.

The private ceremony was attended by his three ex-wives, Marietta Boeker, Patty Beedon and Lyndsay Parfitt, who he broke up with two months ago by text.

The Daily Mail reported that all three of Rick Parfitt’s ex-wives could lay claim to an estimated £10m fortune, depending on the contents of his will.

Rick and Lyndsay Parfitt had separated by the time of his death, but they still remained married and unless he revised his will following their separation she would still be entitled to gifts from the late rocker, which he might have wished to give to others.

The Status Quo singer and guitarist, who left the band in October 2016 due to ill health, died aged 68 in Marbella, Spain from a severe infection following a shoulder injury.

As a UK resident, his funeral was held in Surrey at the Woking Crematorium.

Rick leaves behind four children: One with Marietta Boeker, one with Patty Beedon and twins with Lyndsay Parfitt.