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Speeding Penalties to Rise For Worst Offenders

Speeding Penalties to Rise For Worst Offenders

Drivers responsible for the most serious speeding offences will face harsher penalties under new sentencing guidelines.

Fines for motorists caught going above the speed limit will start from 150 per cent of an offender’s weekly income. The fine currently stands at 100 per cent.

Speeding is one of a number of areas covered in new sentencing guidelines for magistrates' courts in England and Wales.

Under the new guidelines, a motorist caught speeding at over 101mph in a 70mph zone, for example, will be penalised in a more severe bracket.

The increase in fines follows responses to a consultation that argue previous guidelines did not adequately take into account the increase in potential harm that can result as speed above the limit rises.

The Sentencing Council said the move aims to ensure there is a "clear increase in penalty as the seriousness of offending increases".

Magistrates' courts deal with more than one million offenders across England and Wales each year. District judge Richard Williams, a Sentencing Council member, said: "The magistrates' courts deal with the vast majority of offenders in England and Wales, so it is essential that the guidelines they use are up to date and help ensure that sentences are applied consistently and effectively."

Gemma Hall, a serious injury lawyer at Slater and Gordon, said: “As a firm specialising in representing victims of road traffic accidents, we are acutely aware of the dangers of speeding. A review of the penalties for drivers who exceed the speed limit will hopefully highlight the seriousness of the offence and reduce the number of speeding motorists on the road.”

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