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Asbestos Found Near Eastenders Set

By Media Executive

Asbestos Found Near Eastenders Set

Deadly asbestos has been discovered close to the TV studios where Eastenders and Holby City are filmed.

Engineers discovered the material earlier this month while fitting fibre-optic cables near the entrance to the BBC studio at Elstree, Hertfordshire. 

It happened as soap actors including Eastenders favourites Adam Woodyatt and Lacey Turner were on set or arriving for work.

Work was promptly stopped and the area was sealed off, according to The Sun.

A source told the newspaper: “Fortunately, health and safety procedures were followed and there should be no risk to staff.”

Asbestos was banned in UK buildings in 1999 and should only be handled and disposed of by specialists as it can be dangerous when disturbed.

Exposure causes around 4,500 deaths from cancer every year in the UK alone.

Inhaling or ingesting just a small amount of the dust and fibres can result in a number of asbestos-related diseases including mesothelioma, a terminal cancer which is typically only diagnosed decades after the initial exposure.

A spokesman for Essex Asbestos Testing said: “If they stopped work straight away, got out and did the necessary safety procedures the risk to themselves and passers-by would have been reduced to as low as it can be.”

A BBC spokesperson confirmed there was no risk and that filming had not been affected, adding that excavation work at a trench outside the site had been stopped whilst some tiles were dealt with by licensed contractors.