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Ex-Top Gear Presenter ‘Captain Slow’ James May Caught Speeding

By Media Executive, General Law

Ex-Top Gear Presenter ‘Captain Slow’ James May Caught Speeding

Ex-Top Gear presenter James May has been caught speeding in London moments after purchasing a new motorbike.

May, who was nicknamed “captain slow” by his co-presenters Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, had travelled less than a mile before he was snapped by a speed camera in a 30mph zone in West London.

According to the Sun and Daily Mail, he bought a £9,000 599cc Honda CBR600RR from a dealership in Chiswick.

The 53-year-old petrolhead reportedly told the MailOnline: “It's a fair cop. I try to respect speed limits and rules in urban areas.

“Out on the motorways and in the country it's a bit different, but I try to abide by the rules in the city.”

“I was caught this time. That stretch of road used to be 40 [miles per hour], but they recently brought it down to 30.”

The TV star revealed on Twitter that he has opted to take a speed awareness course rather than get points on his licence, which he needs for his job as the new co-presenter of Amazon’s The Grand Tour, admitting the conviction is a “bit shameful really” and stating “I’ll come quietly”.