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Apprentice’s Margaret Says Tattoos Ruin Job Prospects

Apprentice’s Margaret Says Tattoos Ruin Job Prospects

Alan Sugar’s former adviser on The Apprentice, Margaret Mountford, has claimed that tattoos decrease the chances of young adults getting a job.

The leading Northern Ireland businesswoman, 64, also criticised young people’s lack of social skills, literacy levels and timekeeping in a recent interview with the Sunday Times.

Discussing the subject of tattoos she said: “Some people seem to think tattoos are like jewellery, but not to me and many others.

“They are a real problem for young people because there are swathes of the workplace where it is simply not appropriate to be greeted by a young person with a tattoo.”

Tattoos are becoming increasing popular in the UK with a third of younger people now tattooed according to The Sun.

Margaret expressed her dislike for tattoos saying: “If you work in a hairdresser’s salon people do not want to see a tattooed arm washing their hair or in a restaurant serving them food. It is not hygienic.”

Speaking about those who work in offices she added that those with tattoos will “always have to wear long sleeves in the office if they want to be hired.”

ACAS advice on tattoos and piercings at work says that employers who wish to impose any rule on tattoos or piercings must have ‘carefully considered’ ‘sound business reasons’ for doing so. They must also apply the dress code to men and women equally so as to avoid unlawful discrimination.