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Sheikh’s Ex-Wife Makes £196m Divorce Settlement Claim

Sheikh’s Ex-Wife Makes £196m Divorce Settlement Claim

A Saudi billionaire’s ex-wife has insisted that her divorce claim for £196m is “not unreasonable.”

Christina Estrada, 54, made the argument that the offer of £37m in cash and assets from her former husband, 61-year-old Sheikh Walid Juffali, was not enough to maintain the lifestyle she had during their 13-year marriage.

Ms Estrada’s lawyers have estimated the sheikh’s wealth at more than £648m and are seeking a ‘clean break’ settlement of £196m as well as a declaration that she is the owner of a £7m blue diamond ring.

The £37m divorce settlement offer from Dr Juffali includes a home in Beverley Hills and the use of a property in London worth £6.5m for her and their daughter, which Ms Estrada argues is "clearly inadequate".

She is asking for £6.5m per year which would include two properties in the UK and one in Beverley Hills, each with their own staff and running costs totalling around £33,000 per day, according to the Telegraph.

When questioned in court about this budget, which also includes 21 weeks of holiday per year, Ms Estrada argued the case for her divorce settlement claim saying: “Those are consistent with [my daughters] lifestyle.

"We always used to say 'money attracts money' and in this situation, I need a future on my own, I want to rebuild my life with new foundations, maybe not the same but not so dissimilar.

"I don't just stay on holiday, a lot of my travel will have learning associated with new people."

Dr Jaffali’s lawyers argue that Ms Estrada already has assets of over £20m, that the blue diamond ring was not given to her but rather bought as a part of Dr Juffali’s collection and that he has wrongly been painted as the ‘villain’ whilst terminally ill with cancer.

The case continues in London.

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