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House of Cards Actor Robin Wright Demands Equal Pay

House of Cards Actor Robin Wright Demands Equal Pay

Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards co-star Robin Wright revealed that she demanded to be paid equally after finding out that her character was more popular than Spacey’s.

Wright plays the First Lady of the United States in the Netflix political drama. Her character, Claire Underwood, plays an equally important part to the series as the fictional President of the United States, Frank Underwood, who is played by Spacey.

Wright, who also occasional directs episodes of the show, revealed in an interview series called ‘insight dialogues’ that she had said, “I want to be paid the same as Kevin. You’d better pay me or I’m going to go public.”

As the hit show moves into its fifth season it has been reported that both its stars Wright and Spacey have been made executive producers. Plus, according to the Forbes, Wright made $5.5m for her work on the popular streamed drama last year.

Robin Wright is the latest in a list of female actors who have spoken out against the gender pay gap in Hollywood which includes Jennifer Lawrence and Patricia Arquette. However, it is not just movie stars who are affected by the gender pay gap.

Recent research from company review website Glassdoor revealed that much needs to be improved to achieve gender equality at work in Britain. The study looked at the gender pay gap, the difference between numbers of men and women in employment as well as board level representation.

The Chief economist of Glassdoor Economic Research, Andrew Chamberlin warned that the gender pay gap is getting bigger for working mothers in the UK saying, “British working mothers are significantly worse off than those without family responsibilities, this will not help the UK address its workplace diversity issues.”

According to the research the gender pay gap for women without children is just over seven per cent, meanwhile, for mothers, it is 21 per cent.