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Divorcée Wins £3.5m Settlement Despite New Live-in Partner

Divorcée Wins £3.5m Settlement Despite New Live-in Partner

A divorcée has won the right to keep her multimillion divorce settlement despite living with a new partner.

Mother-of-two, Karen Hart, 60, argued that she needed all the money from her £3.5m divorce settlement so as to maintain her financial independence.

Her former husband, John Hart, 77, argued that her share of the property and finances empire, which the Hart family had amassed in their 20 years of marriage, should be cut because she would rely on her new partner Mr Chubb financially.

Mrs Hart’s lawyer, Peter Mitchell, spoke about the relationship between Mrs Hart and Mr Chubb saying: “They have no current intention to marry. Whatever Mrs Hart decides to do in her relationship, she should not be obliged to do it because of a judge’s order.

“After 20 years of marriage, she cherished her independence and did not want to have to rely on a man for money.”

Judge Wildblood said: “I do not consider the presence of Mr Chubb in the life of Mrs Hart should diminish her needs.”

The ruling shows that despite the fact Mrs Hart had a new partner it did not reduce her financial needs as a single woman.

With the £3.5m divorce settlement secured, Mrs Hart will be able to remain financially independent of Mr Chub and maintain her lifestyle.

Prior to divorce, the Hart family owned properties in Miami and Spain and lived in a £1.1m house in Warwickshire with its own cinema and gym.