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New rules tackle rogue cosmetic surgeons

By Media Executive

New rules tackle rogue cosmetic surgeons

Cosmetic surgeons carrying out hasty promotional offers will face a ban when new rules come into force in June.

The General Medical Council - the body responsible for regulating UK doctors – is bringing into effect new rules for the NHS and private clinics that will put a stop to patients being rushed into cosmetic procedures.

The new rules, backed by the Royal College of Surgeons, are designed to clamp down on what health minister, Ben Gummer, called “the lottery of poor practice” patients of surgical and non-surgical procedures have been subjected to in the UK.

The likes of buy-one-get-one-free (BOGOF) discounts will also be outlawed as of June when the new guidelines come into effect.

Doctors will be obliged to ensure patients are given the time and information needed before deciding whether to go forward with a procedure, as well as considering the patient’s psychological needs. Doctors must also recognise and work within the limits of their competence and provide continuity of care, ensuring patients receive written information and know who to contact if they experience any complications following the procedure.

Breaking the new rules will see doctors struck off.

Professor Terence Stephenson, chairman of the GMC, said: "Cosmetic interventions should not be entered into lightly or without serious considerations.

"Above all, patients considering whether to have such a procedure need honest and straightforward advice which allows them to understand the risks as well as the possible benefits.

"It is a challenging area of medicine which deals with patients who can be extremely vulnerable.

"Most doctors who practise in this area do so to a high standard but we do sometimes come across poor practice, and it is important that patients are protected from this and that doctors understand what is expected from them."