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Cheryl Fernandez Versini Divorce Raises Questions Over Prenup

Cheryl Fernandez Versini Divorce Raises Questions Over Prenup

It has been widely reported that Cheryl Fernandez Versini is getting divorced from her French husband Jean-Bernard, but it is unknown whether or not they entered into a prenuptial agreement.

The couple had only been married for 18 months, but newspapers have reported that they have been separated for five months. If the couple did not enter into a prenuptial agreement setting out how their financial assets would be divided upon divorce then Cheryl could be left open to claims from her husband, which could be costly as she is worth £20 million according to the Daily Star.

Sadly for Cheryl, despite the statistics showing that second marriages are likely to last longer than first marriages, this is not always the case. This will be the second time that the solo artist and former Girls Aloud singer has got divorced. In 2010, she divorced the former England footballer Ashley Cole on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour.

Rather than returning to her family name Tweedy, she chose to stick with the surname Cole. That was until 2014, when after having been together for just three months she married the Frenchman, known as J-B to close friends, and took his surname Fernandez-Versini.

As well as being a famous popstar Cheryl has found great success as the face of the cosmetic company L’Oréal, with her role as a judge on The X-Factor and with her autobiography ‘Cheryl: My Story’, which have all helped to amass her fortune.

As an individual with a high net worth, the Sun newspaper has reported that the financial settlement could cost her up to £8 million if she did not enter into a prenuptial agreement with Jean-Bernard.

Reports have said that Jean-Bernard was jealous of Cheryl spending time with other man and her pet dogs. The reason for their divorce has not been officially announced, however, if Cheryl wishes to divorce now in this country she would need to base her divorce on his unreasonable behaviour, unless J-B has been unfaithful.

Many people hear the term ‘quickie divorce’ when it comes to celebrity break ups but there is no such thing - even for an international celebrity! Assuming everything is agreed, it is still likely to take between four to six months for the marriage to be brought to an end.

Resolving financial matters can often take longer particularly if there is no prenuptial agreement. If Cheryl and J-B do have a prenuptial agreement in place this could have speed up the process where lawyers look at the division of their assets.