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Activist Sues over Potential Blacklisting

An environmental campaigner has gone to the High Court after discovering he has been put on a blacklist that prevents employers from considering him for job roles.

Mike Hamblett is a former civil engineer who is on a list of 3,213 people that have been denied employment at 44 companies with access to it. The list has so far remained a secret, with the majority of those featured on it unaware that they would not be considered for any potential job applications.

Mr Hamblett found out that he had been included after being approached by legal representatives of 150 people who intended to take the list's creators to the High Court, reports the Oxford Mail.

As a result, a petition has been launched that will be put to high-profile Judges, with a view to persuading them to obtain the list of names.

Although Mr Hamblett and a number of other activists have been put on the list, the majority are believed to work in the construction sector.

The 60-year-old hails from the Osney area of Oxfordshire and is joined by another eight individuals from the region.

Mr Hamblett was ardent in his view that these kinds of practices are improper if those who are featured on the list are not made aware of it.

He explained, "It's a terrible shock to find people in secret have been discussing your life without you knowing anything.

"It's very sinister. We need to sue these people to make sure it doesn't happen again."

The petition is being spearheaded by a group of unions acting on behalf of the workers that includes GMB, Unite and Ucatt.

GMB claims that around a third of those included on the list are currently aware of its existence. Mr Hamblett added that the matter could not be properly resolved until every single person featured has been told, although it is unclear if this will actually happen.