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New claims against Princess of Wales hospital

New claims against Princess of Wales hospital

Fresh claims of neglect against the Princess of Wales hospital in Bridgend have been uncovered in a new report.

ITV News investigated a number of cases where the relatives of patients who died at the hospital did not believe their loved one received the quality of care listed in NHS guidelines.

One of the cases outlined in the ITV report pertained to Dorothy Mead, 82, whose daughters Pam Davies and Michelle Chambers allege she received "appalling" treatment.

The pensioner was admitted to the Princess of Wales hospital from her care home and needed medical attention because of breathing problems, hypothermia and an overly fast heartbeat.

Although she was brought to a resuscitation room, she was not seen for almost three hours. Mrs Mead's daughter Pam outlined the situation: "No one communicated anything to us. I was shouting to staff for help and it didn't come. Mum was scared and needed help. They just left her. The level of care was not even basic."

After consulting with each other, Mrs Davies and Mrs Chambers decided to complain to the Ombudsman about their mother's care.

The regulator upheld their concerns and released a statement to mark its report: "The hospital ... does not believe anything was amiss with Mrs Mead's treatment and ... nothing has changed from that time to this… I find this profoundly disturbing."

In another case, Lillian Williams, 82, an amputee, was admitted to the hospital on a number of occasions. The pensioner was, according to her son Gareth, left dehydrated by staff, who also neglected to remove her false leg. This meant she developed painful sores.

After days in hospital, a doctor told Mrs Williams' family she had pneumonia and that they would withdraw her food and medication.

It later emerged she did not have pneumonia and died a few days later of a heart attack caused by a lack of drugs and nutrition.

Paul Roberts, chief executive of the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board, which runs the hospital, apologised to Mrs Williams' family and has pledged to act on her son's concerns.